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Sun Apr 9 11:30:59 PDT 2006

El Domingo, 9 de Abril de 2006 20:30, Dan Nicholson escribió:

> You may have noticed this, but filelist for farce-002 takes in a
> second argument for the output name.  So, the above statement doesn't
> apply anymore.  So, you can now call
> filelist /some/temp/dir/iter1 /cmp/dir/filelist-iter1

Latter, already done.

> I should let you know that filelist will also does pruning of unwanted
> directories, so you can copy the whole root directory and then let
> filelist pick the files it wants to compare.  I prefer to do the
> copying and directory pruning in do_ica_files.  Look at the bottom of
> filelist to see how Ken does the pruning.

Latter again, I'm using a common do_copy_files for both ICA and farce, and 
simplified the find command in filelist ;-)

I'm now to try to figure out the command line for farce. Look like there is an 
undocument --directory switch to set the log dir directory.

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