ALFS news page

Marc-Olivier Barre mo.barre at
Wed Apr 12 02:34:10 PDT 2006

Hi everyone,

I've been folowing the list for some time now, since it seems the good place to grab some news about what's going on in ALFS. LFS is what I use for my home studio, and for this kind of regular use ALFS is the way to go ;-)

I would have a suggestion to make. I take a look regularly at the news page on the different xLFS pages, but I noticed that concerning the ALFS home page, your two more recent projects are absent of the "Latest SVN Changes" (which is a useful start point to keep up with what's going on. Nothing about jhalfs and the futur alfs (well as far as alfs is concerned, I guess it's normal since most of the current developpement work is done on jhalfs right now).

I know you guys are busy working on your news release, but once you get a chance, it would be a good thing to add these.

Keep up the good work ! can't wait to make my first tests with jhalfs-X ! :-)

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