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M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Apr 12 10:24:08 PDT 2006

El Martes, 11 de Abril de 2006 19:00, M.Canales.es escribió:

> We will need a separate set of package targets for each iteration. The
> issue is how to create they in a no very code-intrusive way :-/

Well, the new func_compare.sh is almost ready. I will now to see what changes 
are required into the  chapter6_Makefiles function to support that new 

There is another issue that need be addressed. Now there is a new 
configuration option, called COMPARE, that controls if the ICA/farce 
framework must be used or not.

I would that func_validate_configs.sh will do the following:

- If COMPARE=0, then ITERATIONS, RUN_ICA and RUN_FARCE are ignored. The 
"settings confirmation" output should to show


but not the others related settings.

- If COMPARE=1, then first must to verify that at least one of RUN_ICA or 
RUN_FARCE is set to 1, and that ITERATIONS >= 2 (the current limit to 5 could 
be removed).  The "settings confirmation" output should to show

RUN_ICA:  {0,1}
RUN_FARCE:  {0,1}

but not COMPARE.

George, could you to handle that?

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