ALFS news page

Thomas Pegg tom.pegg at
Wed Apr 12 17:02:44 PDT 2006

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> Thanks for the reminder. I noticed this the other day too, but since 
> forgot about it. The news page for the ALFS project is different than 
> the other projects in the way its repository is set up, so it has custom 
> scripts for generation of its news items. And nothing has been done to 
> them since jhalfs and the alfs-POC have been started.
> CC-ing the website list so that this isn't forgotten and someone with 
> time and access to the proper scripts can set it up.
> Thanks again.

Changelog generation for alfs-POC and jhalfs are now enabled. Was as 
simple as adding a keyword to the right points in the ALFS repo. Had to 
temporarily disable syncing of the alfs-srs document though (some odd 
permission issue).


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