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M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Apr 17 04:51:29 PDT 2006

El Sábado, 15 de Abril de 2006 15:34, Dan Nicholson escribió:

> Congrats, Manuel!  I hope it finishes because this is an awesome
> service for the LFS community.

Look that all is in a sane state now :-)

Here are available the build logs and ICA/farce reports from my last 5 builds:


build1 and build2 has 3 iterations and full testsuites, but with issues in the 
reinstallation of some packages.

build3 has 2 iterations, no testsuites, no stripping, and issues in the 
reinstallation of Module-Init-Tools and Readline.

build4 has 2 iterations, no testsuites, no stripping, and no reinstallation 

build5 is like build4 but running the stripping phase.

I will agree that you compare the result with your owns and, if possible, do a 
few builds using jhalfs-X.

Next step, to port ICA/farce support to HLFS and CLFS.

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