File not found in LFS-SVN-20060418

Justin R. Knierim lfs at
Wed Apr 19 22:01:07 PDT 2006

Craig Jackson wrote:
> Thanks Justin.  Does jhalfs pull its download locations directly from
> the book's XML?  I noticed that the book's download link differs from
> the URL that jhalfs uses.  Also, is there a work around (i.e. a file
> to edit) that I can use to change this locally so I can continue
> testing? (after I sumbit the bug of course) :)

jhalfs uses the package name and looks for it on the lfs package mirrors 
last time I used jhalfs.

You can start the downloads again, as I just uploaded the iproute2 file, 
and hopefully others aren't missing.  I will have to manually go through 
all the files and check them now that I seemed to have missed some.


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