File not found in LFS-SVN-20060418

George Boudreau georgeb at
Thu Apr 20 06:19:57 PDT 2006

Craig Jackson wrote:
> Justin Wrote:
>> Thanks Craig.  I'll fix this on the mirrors in just a sec.  Somehow I
>> missed the commit message and my scripts didn't catch it either.
>> Justin
>> --
> Thanks Justin.  Does jhalfs pull its download locations directly from
> the book's XML?  I noticed that the book's download link differs from
> the URL that jhalfs uses.  Also, is there a work around (i.e. a file
> to edit) that I can use to change this locally so I can continue
> testing?
   If you set the env variable SRC_ARCHIVE to the location of a package
archive on your machine jhalfs will pull files from there and only go to 
the servers if the files does not exist. If there is a problem with a 
file on the server you can manually populate the archive, restart the 
   Note:: If you define SRC_ARCHIVE and have write privilege to this 
location the script will copy all downloaded files to that directory. 
Future builds/rebuilds will draw files from SRC_ARCHIVE before going to 
the net.. (my attempt to reduce the load on lfs servers)

  (after I sumbit the bug of course) :)
> Thanks,
> Craig Jackson
> craigmjackson at

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