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Thu Apr 20 09:47:20 PDT 2006

El Jueves, 20 de Abril de 2006 07:16, Justin R. Knierim escribió:

> Ok, I double-checked the files for lfs-development (except for the new
> commits from today, hopefully there aren't too many more changes!  Heh)
> and I fixed one other incorrect file, udev-config-6.rules I believe.  My
> mirror is syncing now, so in 10 minutes it will have all
> the files you need.

Justin, I would prefer that you place in the mirrors the upstreams package's 
formats listed in the {C,H}LFS packages.xml files.

The jhalfs download code will be broken until have all packages updated to 
upstream formats.

But when done the migration, we will can to pull the URL's directly for the 
book's sources and to use the FTP mirrors only to download the MD5SUMS files 
and as fallback if some official download URL don't work.

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