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Wed Apr 26 10:23:08 PDT 2006

El Miércoles, 26 de Abril de 2006 09:06, Jeremy Byron escribió:

> The test build with my optimization patch of jhalfs-2575 completed
> successfully.  Patch is attached.  I can send you the build logs if
> they're of any use to you too (only used test level 1 though).

Many thanks. I will review it ASAP to see if should be keep as a contributed 
patch or if could be a candidate for inclusion into the default code.

> Bit of an aside, but I'm not sure what the 'wrt_' stands for in the
> function names. 'Write,' as in to the makefile, perhaps? Anyhow, I
> mimicked it for wrt_optimize() since it performs much the same job as
> wrt_unpack*() and such.

Yes, wrt_* means "write to the Makefile".

> Oh.. I changed wrt_target() and LFS/ slightly too.  Not too
> sure why you don't end the makefile command in wrt_target() and then in
> LFS/ finish it with 'true'.  I don't think makefile command
> sequences should continue across functions - just makes headaches.  I
> ended the command sequence in wrt_target() and removed the 'true' line
> from LFS/

That true command was added some time ago to fix a issue (that I don't 
remember at this moment). Maybe after the last code changes it isn't required 
anymore. I will take a look to it.

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