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M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Apr 28 12:56:36 PDT 2006

El Viernes, 28 de Abril de 2006 21:25, Jeremy Huntwork escribió:
> Hey Guys,
> As you know, a release of LFS should be coming up soon-ish. So I think
> it might be wise to list what things we need to finish up wrt jhalfs
> before we likewise release. Probably a jhalfs-1.0?
> What do we have on the TODO list?

What I what to have ready before release is:

- Finish the ICA/farce support. I will to merge the code to trunk this 

- To decide if the optimization patch (to be revised yet) will be left as a 
patch or included inside the default code. I vote for inclusion if can be 
ready at time.

- Decide if some type of system-wide installation is wanted. Maybe installing 
all in /opt/jhalfs (or /usr/share/jhalfs, or /usr/lib/jhalfs) and creating 
an /usr/bin/jhalfs wrapper plus /etc/jhalfs/* symlinks to the configuration 
files should to work.

- The download code, for when is planned to migrate FTP mirrors to upstream 

- And, of course a more in deeper README.

No time for now to fix BLFS issues at LFS release time, but maybe at BLFS 
release time.

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