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Sat Apr 29 10:28:18 PDT 2006

El Miércoles, 26 de Abril de 2006 09:06, Jeremy Byron escribió:

> The test build with my optimization patch of jhalfs-2575 completed
> successfully.  Patch is attached.  I can send you the build logs if
> they're of any use to you too (only used test level 1 though).

I'm working in integrate your code inside jhalfs. Look like the changes will 
be not very intrusives.

Some comments:

- I think that the temporary tools don't need to be optimized. If I'm wrong 
send me a cluebat.

- The book say that CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS must be unset when building GRUB. Have 
you tried to run an optimized GRUB? That could to mean that GRUB must be 
added to def_opt_override.

- Also, the book say that if using CFLAGS you must to add "-fPIC" when 
building Zlib and remove it afterwards. That could to mean that Zlib will 
need a separate  LEVEL and be added to def_opt_override to use that level.

> - Doesn't optimize {C,H,B}LFS
>   (trivial addition if the other books behave the same as LFS)

Right, is trivial.

> - Can't enable/disable optimization from command-line
>   (not necessary, would be nice)
> - Can't set default optimization level from command-line
>   (not necessary, would be nice)

Both can be fixed.

> - Doesn't make me coffee. :(

Know someone how that could be implemented? Would be a very cool feature ;-)

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