Paul Estep epdagger at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jan 1 11:17:05 PST 2006

  I too was interested in something different than the xml based scripting that alfs was built on. Like you Ario I created my own Bash scripts. I was interested in looking to see how you handled certain issues with bash scripting LFS commands. I did not install your build scripts, I like my own of course, but I did looked them over.
  In escript/lib/escript/iwatch there is a reference to lib/escript/installwatch.so. I couldn't figure out if this was a library built when I installed your scripts or something that had to be installed previously.
  Is the installwatch.so built with the lfs-6.1.1-builder.tar.bz2 scripts that you attached?
  I also looked at the hint you submitted but didn't see any reference to it either.
  Lastly thanks for your Building LFS with Xlfsbook hint.
  Paul Estep
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