State of ALFS

Thomas Pegg tom at
Sun Jan 1 14:25:09 PST 2006

Hello all, this is the first of hopefully a series of monthly (perhaps 
weekly) messages, giving a basic summary of where things stand within 
the ALFS project.

nALFS and alfs:
Currently with nALFS, potentially a new 1.2.6 release will happen due to 
a recent report of some file corruption when using the [search_replace] 
element, plus a fix for display of line drawing characters when in UTF-8 

alfs development seems to have stalled a bit again, but we'll see if we 
can't get that hopping again. We had some good progress on the 
communication protocol, we may want to see if we can work on refining 
that some, as well as work on some means of authentication next.

The Profiles:
I believe the LFS profile is lagging a little behind current trunk. The 
profile for CLFS is progressing, still some work to be done and major 
testing on arches I don't have available for testing, mainly all arches 
other than x86 and x86_64.

Now for the BLFS profile, this beast needs major work, but really we 
need more hands to help with it, myself and Joachim just is not enough 
anymore. This brings another question do we want to keep maintaining 
this profile? BLFS is such a fast moving target it seems a bit 
impossible currently. I personally would like to see it continue, but I 
currently have no time to keep up with it anymore, my plate is full 
enough with LFS and CLFS and I know Joachim's time is limited.



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