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Mon Jan 2 00:40:52 PST 2006

--- Paul Estep <epdagger at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> Hail
>   I too was interested in something different than
> the xml based scripting that alfs was built on. Like
> you Ario I created my own Bash scripts. I was
> interested in looking to see how you handled certain
> issues with bash scripting LFS commands. I did not
> install your build scripts, I like my own of course,
> but I did looked them over.
>   In escript/lib/escript/iwatch there is a reference
> to lib/escript/installwatch.so. I couldn't figure
> out if this was a library built when I installed
> your scripts or something that had to be installed
> previously.
>   Is the installwatch.so built with the
> lfs-6.1.1-builder.tar.bz2 scripts that you attached?
>   I also looked at the hint you submitted but didn't
> see any reference to it either.
>   Lastly thanks for your Building LFS with Xlfsbook
> hint.
>   Paul Estep

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your interest on this lfs-builder :).
The actual installwatch.so library file can be found
in the installwatch package from the following


Technically, as you can see in the lfs-builder
package, the 'escript' directory is the key of this
lfs-builder project. Escript was written far before I
had the idea of implementing this lfs-builder. So,
escript is actually a separate implementation. You can
found more technical information regarding escript in
escript/README and escript/INSTALL. The reference to
lib/escript/installwatch.so was there because I
plainly copied the whole 'escript' directory to the
lfs-builder directory.

However, I'm currently working on the lfs-builder that
uses the installwatch features. With these features,
lfs-builder can uninstall, archive installed packages,
reinstall, and many things that can make lfs-builder
be a package manager for LFS :).

Hope this will answer your queries. Thanks again for
having the time to read the hint I submitted (although
it is not posted).


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