it boots!

Thorsten von Eicken tve at
Mon Jan 2 01:30:30 PST 2006

Brief report from a pretty excited fellow whose nALFS build and first 
LFS build finally booted! It's not a straightforward nALFS build. I'm 
building on an i686 for an embedded i486 board (a pcengines WRAP board). 
I've been looking for a while for a small-but-not-tiny linux 
distribution that runs a 2.6 kernel and on which I can run a full 
packaging system. I've been using 256MB CF cards and now 512MB (they're 
under $35 a pop so I don't see a point in trying to fit into less), 
which mean I have a little bit of luxury in the space department.

I modified the 6.1 profile and it fits into 208MB without even stripping 
all executables. The most exciting part is that gcc works (no, I'm not 
gonna compile huge software packages on a 266Mhz i486 with just a CF 
card for storage):
   -bash-3.00# cat foo.c
   #include <stdio.h>
   main(){printf("Hello World!\n");}
   -bash-3.00# gcc -o foo foo.c
   -bash-3.00# ./foo
   Hello World!

Anyway, the bottom line is THANKS A MILLION for LFS and nALFS! This 
would have been soo much more work without all this! What I have is far 
from being redistributable, but if anyone is actively trying to do 
something similar I'd be very interested in comparing notes.


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