alfs-discuss Digest, Vol 602, Issue 1

Артур Демченков at
Mon Jan 2 04:17:07 PST 2006

> Now for the BLFS profile, this beast needs major work, but really we 
> need more hands to help with it, myself and Joachim just is not enough 
> anymore. This brings another question do we want to keep maintaining 
> this profile? BLFS is such a fast moving target it seems a bit 
> impossible currently. I personally would like to see it continue, but I 
> currently have no time to keep up with it anymore, my plate is full 
> enough with LFS and CLFS and I know Joachim's time is limited.
> Comments?
> Thomas

I could work on 1 chapter (for now) of BLFS book. Is that ok?

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