State of ALFS

Joachim Beckers jbeckers at
Wed Jan 4 02:18:19 PST 2006

Thomas Pegg wrote:
> This brings another question do we want to keep maintaining 
> this profile? BLFS is such a fast moving target it seems a bit 
> impossible currently. I personally would like to see it continue, but I 
> currently have no time to keep up with it anymore, my plate is full 
> enough with LFS and CLFS and I know Joachim's time is limited.

Well, limited is still an overstatement. These days I literally have 
*no* time left (or maybe just enough to keep up with this mailinglist 
and handle e-mail). I've been thinking about this, and it doesn't seem 
like the situation will change a lot (mind you that next semester I'll 
even have 6 courses compared to 4 this semester).

Furthermore, my interest in the BLFS profile (and using xml for 
automated builds in general) has become very small. I'm more of a 
webdesigner now, and I want to dedicate more time to that. Therefore, I 
have decided to give up my job as BLFS profile maintainer.

I've really appreciated the time I've been around here, and I've learned 
a lot from (n)(A)LFS. I still find it amazing how a group of strangers 
can build up something like (A)LFS. It was a pleasure working together 
with the team.

PS: I'm not really leaving the project entirely. I'll keep assisting 
(read: bugging ;-)) people on this mailinglist whenever I have the time.



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