it boots!

Thorsten von Eicken tve at
Wed Jan 4 09:00:05 PST 2006

Nice! Do you have a web page descibing the system and how to reproduce 
it? I'm trying to avoid uClibc. I've had too many annoyances with it. I 
want something that is as "standard" as possible so I have the highest 
chance of being able to do "./configure; make; make install" with just 
about anything I grab. (Lazy fellow here...)

Dermot Bradley wrote:
>>Absolutely. In the end it's pretty simple, mainly use -Os for
>>compilation, disable national language system (--disable-nls), remove
>>time zones, and strip binaries aggressively.
>>I was also hoping to be able to install the final gcc shtuff into
>>/gcc/... instead of /usr/... so I could easily create a gcc-less image
>>and rsync the gcc install on top when needed, but I got too confused by
>>all the cross-compile paths and couldn't get it to work.
> I've been working on a "mini" LFS-based system for a couple of years now.
> At the minute its based on HLFS-uClibc and currently its 160Mb in size and
> that's with MythTV, MySQL, QT, X.Org, Samba, etc.
> I haven't tried using "-Os" so far but the other things you've mentioned I
> already do.
> I've had the dist smaller but that was before I added MythTV and all the
> bits its depends on.

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