it boots!

Dermot Bradley tangram at
Wed Jan 4 09:40:31 PST 2006

> Nice! Do you have a web page descibing the system and how to reproduce
> it? I'm trying to avoid uClibc. I've had too many annoyances with it. I
> want something that is as "standard" as possible so I have the highest
> chance of being able to do "./configure; make; make install" with just
> about anything I grab. (Lazy fellow here...)

I've got a nALFS profile to build it - though as usual I'm having another
spurt at updating it against the last month or so of HLFS updates and
other stuff. I can make the profile available if you want to have a look.

I've not had many problems with uClibc at all - only MythTV gave me any
real grief.

Basically what I'm working on is having a few distinct "embedded"
distributions for boxes I'm building:

- MythTv frontend
- MythTv backend (with DVB-T cards)
- Media file server (RAID - not sure whether MD or hardware) with Samba,
CUPS, Lighttpd, Dropbear SSH, Gphoto, Music utils (Cdparanoia, Lame,
Normalize, etc), UShare
- General server (Dovecot, Exim, Squirrelmail, www page hosting, etc)
- ADSL router/firewall

The plan is for them to boot off CF-IDE device and the servers will have
disks just for data files.

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