Some of my work in a modular alfs-like software.

Carlos Eduardo de Brito Novaes carlosnov at
Fri Jan 6 05:01:07 PST 2006

	Hello to all.

	This is my first post, and I would like to tell some of my works in an alfs 
like building software. I would prefer to contribute to the official alfs 
development, but i had not much time and what i have done was done for code 
training in mind (at least at the begining).
	Mainly for c++ training, i started to write some pieces of a modular system 
were plugins (via dlopen) can do small tasks, such as reading a xml build 
profile and returning dependencies, configure commands, build commands, 
descriptions and others. There is also a callback mechanism, so a plugin can 
call another plugin and work with the results.
	With a system like this, some can write a plugin to configure the build 
(./configure ...), one to get sources, one to configure the system (/etc 
things), another to build... And some high level plugins to solve 
dependencies, download, build install and set up the system to the new 
software, remove or upgrade.
	I think this can be a good idea. If I can improve the design and invest some 
time and thinking in the core of the modular system, maybe a great tool can 
be done.

	Also, a tool to automate the creation of profiles (jhalfs), with little user 
intervention could help any *alfs project, I am looking a little in this 
direction by now.

	I would like to know what do you think and to get some suggestions or 
different ideas.


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