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M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Jan 12 10:30:38 PST 2006

El Jueves, 12 de Enero de 2006 07:24, Bruce Dubbs escribió:

> If the jhalfs.conf file has BOOK defined, it does not set WC.  Perhaps
> the it should be set in jhalfs.conf if BOOK is set there:
> if [ -n $BOOK ] ; then WC=1; fi
> or more compactly (and less obviously):
> [ $BOOK ] && WC=1

At first glace I think that that don't will work due that $BOOK never can be 
empty, It must be the name of the directory where the book sources will be 
downloaded/updated (in this case $WC in not declared), or a full path to a 
local working copy (in this case $WC is declared with any value, 1 by 

A working solution could be, in jhalfs.conf:

#--- Book's sources directory
# Uncomment this variables if you have previously checked
# out the book from the repository
# BOOK=/path/to/book
# WC=1

> also, if WC is defined, then the check for subversion is unnecessary.
> The affects my students who will be given the book via a tar file, but
> do not (yet) have subversion available.  Perhaps the start should be:

You are right, that is a real bug, many thanks :-)

Making and commit both changes now...

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