New ALFS todo list

Jamie Bennett jb at
Thu Jan 12 14:04:41 PST 2006

So lets get this ball rolling.

As I have 2 weeks of uninterrupted nights thanks to a project that has
been put on hold I'm willing to get some programming work done to give
us more of a base than we have so far in svn (alfs-POC). Can we
quickly thrash out a todo list in order of priority on what people
feel they want to see first in the tool so we can get started. If not
I'll just carry on with what I feel are the most necessary parts and
although authentication has been thrown into the ring as a major part
I feel this can come later.

High on my list after getting an initial functional client/server
working is dependancy calculation and plug-in support. These may not
be high on other peoples lists but if you don't speak you don't get ;)

So fire away.

  --  Jamie

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