New ALFS todo list

Thomas Pegg thomasp at
Thu Jan 12 16:47:50 PST 2006

Jamie Bennett wrote:
> So lets get this ball rolling.
> High on my list after getting an initial functional client/server
> working is dependancy calculation and plug-in support. These may not
> be high on other peoples lists but if you don't speak you don't get ;)

I'm not sure if this falls under what you would consider a functional 
client/server (it might though), but I think what needs to be determined 
is how the two communicate with each other, in otherwords establishing 
the protocol of passing commands, status, etc. I know right now the 
client/server works by passing a command from the client from the 
command line and passes it onto the server for execution, but I'm not 
sure that's sufficient. I believe we had a discussion on this before, 
but I don't anything firm was set however. That's all I can think of at 
the moment.


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