New ALFS todo list

Alan Lord lord_alan at
Fri Jan 13 01:28:12 PST 2006

Jamie Bennett wrote:
> So lets get this ball rolling.
> High on my list after getting an initial functional client/server
> working is dependancy calculation and plug-in support. These may not
> be high on other peoples lists but if you don't speak you don't get ;)
> So fire away.
>   --  Jamie

Hi all,

As a user, rather than a developer, I'd like to add my few pennies (UK) 
worth here if I may.

I have used nALFS in the past and found it a good tool although the 
maintenance of the profiles was way too high! On the plus side, it was 
"relatively" easy to add your own features, applications and settings 
once you had got the hang of the profile structures. Once a new version 
of the profile came out however, it becomes a bit of headache to migrate 
personal stuff across.

So my first request on the list would be: that however the "build 
profile" is constructed/generated, there is a method of adding or 
modifying this profile to suit individual tastes/preferences...

Secondly, would be that the new ALFS is easy to restart from the point 
at which it was last stopped - the stoppage could be due to error or 
even a tea break :-)

I have also used JHALFS and found this to work very well for what it 
does: build-the-book! With this very straightforward product, all I 
would really want extra is to be able to pause the process, after it 
downloaded the book, and get it to load (or I could add it in if there 
was a documented format for both syntax and hierarchy) my personal stuff 
like extra apps, BLFS components etc., then continue on it's merry way!

If the above is implemented in some way, then syntax/structure checking 
of the user-modified build profile *before run* is required like nALFS does.

FWIW, I am very much in favour of building a client/server device so 
remote builds could be handled - this is a good idea!

Personally, I am very happy using a command line interface so I don't 
see a need for a complete UI like nALFS.

Hope these comments are not too simplistic and/or stupid!



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