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Fri Jan 13 10:01:10 PST 2006

El Viernes, 13 de Enero de 2006 10:28, Alan Lord escribió:

> I have also used JHALFS and found this to work very well for what it
> does: build-the-book! With this very straightforward product, all I
> would really want extra is to be able to pause the process, after it
> downloaded the book, and get it to load (or I could add it in if there
> was a documented format for both syntax and hierarchy) my personal stuff

Well, the output of jhalfs is a set of small shell scripts and a simple 
Makefile. Is really needed specific documentation to hack/cunstomize that 

Making the changes on the book's XML code is for editors or testers that want 
to test a new set of commands before do the commit or send their book's 

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