jhalfs suggestion

George Boudreau GeorgeB at Linux.ca
Fri Jan 13 14:40:43 PST 2006

  Just to add my $.02 to the pot here is another idea.. just an opinion

source jhalfs.conf

           # I dislike variables that magically appear when
set -u  # you use them, typos can kill a lot of time... so force
           # clean programming.. "unbound variable" error msg if not declared

# If the var BOOK contains something then, maybe, it points
# to a working doc.. set WC=1, else 'null'
# If BOOK is not defined or empty then use the svn version of the doc.

  Note.. the definition of WC just after sourcing the config file
eliminates the need to
have the variable declared in the config file.. A side effect of this
method is BOOK can be declared in the config file but left empty..
similar to FSTAB and CONFIG.


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