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Sat Jan 14 07:50:35 PST 2006

El Sábado, 14 de Enero de 2006 05:06, Robertus Ario Jatmiko escribió:

> I assume that the goal of jhalfs is to implement ALFS
> that work on all versions of the book (not profile
> based like nALFS). Which is very good :)

The original goal was to help developers and testers to build by the book LFS 
systems. Then it was expanded to be more average user friendly. And now we 
are pondering the possibility to use jhalfs as the books parser for the new 
(under development) alfs sever/client tools.

>  My suggestion is that
> LFS book should provide the actual package file names
> (along with the URLs).

Packages names are very stables (except for the version string). The current 
jhalfs code to find the actual package name could work for years.

URLs are more volatile values, a today "official" download URL may not work 
tomorrow due domain or relative path changes. See as an example the reports 
to the BLFS lists about not working download URLs. 

Thus, I can't see for now what can be gain hardcoding that values into the LFS 
sources instead of into the jhalfs code :-?

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