Source filename hardcoded in the script

Robertus Ario Jatmiko creatorem at
Sat Jan 14 19:07:04 PST 2006

> Packages names are very stables (except for the
> version string). The current 
> jhalfs code to find the actual package name could
> work for years.

How about if new packages (with unconventional names)
added in the book?
> URLs are more volatile values, a today "official"
> download URL may not work 
> tomorrow due domain or relative path changes. See as
> an example the reports 
> to the BLFS lists about not working download URLs.

Uh, yes I can see this URL issues happening :). But,
what I really meant was to provide the actual package

currently in the LFS book we have this:
 Autoconf (2.59) - 908 kilobytes (KB):

wouldn't it be better to state what the real filename
for autoconf?
 Autoconf (2.59) - 908 kilobytes (KB):

again this is only a suggestion :).


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