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Sun Jan 15 02:13:34 PST 2006

El Domingo, 15 de Enero de 2006 04:07, Robertus Ario Jatmiko escribió:

> wouldn't it be better to state what the real filename
> for autoconf?
>  Autoconf (2.59) - 908 kilobytes (KB):
> (autoconf-2.59.tar.bz2)

The problem is that, for several packages, what is the real file name? the 
*.tar.bz2 one or the format used by the developers?

In the listed homepages many developers place the files only in tar.gz format, 
a few ones in *.tgz, and someone could use ZIP files, but in the LFS FTP 
servers all packages are in bz2 format.

Then, to place the official package name into the book will be useless for 
jhalfs due that we will need yet code to find the proper file names. And to 
place the *bz2 package names could confuse to the readers when trying to 
download the package from the package's official website.

Plus, the philosophy is to make changes on the XML book's sources only when 
there is no other easy way to handle the issues.

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