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Sun Jan 15 02:29:27 PST 2006

El Domingo, 15 de Enero de 2006 09:26, Richard A Downing escribió:
> I found this in the jhalfs svn, so I thought I'd try it.  It's a really
> good start!

But only a start. There is yet a lot of issues to be solved and no time for 
now to work on them :-/

> Two (no one expects... :-) observations:
> 1) The tar command needs a -v option or nothing gets written
> to /tmp/unpacked.

Ought... that's a big bug.

> 2) You could usefully include a static version of wget (and sudo) in the
> package, at least for x86, look here for a small one:
> ftp://foobar.math.fu-berlin.de/pub/dietlibc/bin-i386

> 3) I'd like an option to stop sudo being used at all.  Then I can run as
> root until I can get wget, sudo and svn built and rerun jhablfs.
Actually I was thinking to add a switch to jhalfs to build the jhablfs 
dependencies at the end of the LFS build, that is, wget and sudo. SVN and 
libxslt aren't needed at this stage due that the BLFS book could be 
downloaded and parser at the same time that the LFS book. Plus links or lynx 
to read generated BLFS HTML pages and, maybe, gpm.

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