FHS and /etc [was: Re: jhalfs.conf]

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jan 15 11:07:07 PST 2006

Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 01/15/06 12:39 CST:

> This link seems silly to me.  It says:
> "It is recommended that files be stored in subdirectories of /etc rather
> than directly in /etc.", but the main page says: "The /etc hierarchy
> contains configuration files."

Continuing in the spirit of conversation, I can see where having
subdirectories containing just one file can be helpful. These examples
are hypothetical, but may be practical as they seem reasonable to me.

Anyway, say you have (for whatever reason) two newsfeed
servers/programs on your system. Both use a file named news.conf as
its configuration file. One program can store its configuration file
in /etc/prog1/news.conf and the other in /etc/prog1/news.conf. These
news.conf files are the only files in each subdirectory.

Another use may be that you are having to maintain two versions of
a specific program on your system. Each as the same named (but with
different syntax or additional parameters) configuration file. You
specify different /etc/ directories as sysconfdir for each of the
two versions. Again, only one file in each directory.

Perhaps for these types of examples the FHS uses the blanket
"subdirectories are preferred" statement so that there is less chance
of conflicting filenames


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