Subversion Upgrade

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Wed Jan 18 08:29:32 PST 2006

To all Project Leads:

As was mentioned in a thread on the lfs-dev list, the server admins 
would like to upgrade the version of Subversion on Belgarath. Being that 
it's not a minor version upgrade, it is recommended by upstream devs to 
dump and re-load the repositories. Obviously, this would require a short 
freeze on commits to the repositories.

I already have much of the work done. All of the repos have been dumped 
up to revisions yesterday. Anything since then can be dumped in an 
incremental fashion. My plan:

1) Build Subversion.

2) use DESTDIR to install it into my home dir

3) create new repositories with the new svnadmin

4) Load the dumps I currently have into the new repos with the new svnadmin

5) Officially freeze the repos

6) Incrementally dump and load the remaining commits since yesterday, 
using the old and new svnadmins respectively

7) move the old repos to a backup location

8) move the new repos to the permanent location, set the permissions and 
issue and re-open the repositories to commits.

I'm trying to minimize as much as possible the freeze time involved.

As I also mentioned in a previous thread, I should be available to do 
this tonight, but I completely understand that this is giving little 
warning.  If you need more time, perhaps you need to coordinate with 
your devs, please let me know an alternative date and we'll finalize that.



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