jhalfs, book and patches not quite right?

Alan Lord lord_alan at dsl.pipex.com
Sat Jan 28 13:40:01 PST 2006

Hi all,

just started a new build tonight of the development book using jhalfs.

It barfed a couple of times cause of the patches definition file.

For the groff patch, there is no definition of the "patch level", I just 
hardcoded that to 11 in the patches file.

For ncurses, there is an entry for a date/time patch (??? - sorry but 
I'm running from memory, this was on another machine.) in the patches 
file which is not listed in the book, nor does it exist in the LFS 
patches repository. Also there were no commands to use this patch in 
either chp05 or 06. I just removed this line from the patches file.

I'm not quite sure how this file is generated but there seems to be a 
couple of oddities happening somewhere.

Hope this helps someone.


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