Welcome a new member to the ALFS Team

George Boudreau georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jan 29 08:01:23 PST 2006

    Thank you for accepting my work into your project. I consider myself 
to be a blacksmith who, with hammer and tongs, beats basic code into 
usable tools-- nothing fancy but usable.

    It was interesting challenge trying to merge two builds, uClibc and 
glibc, into a single script. Most likely there are flaws in the code and 
I hope the alfs community will aid in finding solutions. (many minds 
make for light work).

    For the curious, there is Cross LFS build script in the works (only 
a few days old) and it shows promise. It will be a few weeks before it 
should be available for critiquing. (12 scripts into 1 package without 
bloat will take time)


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