jhalfs, makefile restart (LFS build only)

sacarde sacarde at tiscali.it
Thu Jun 15 00:42:47 PDT 2006

Alle 13:47, sabato 10 giugno 2006, hai scritto:

> I reccomend you to start a new build from scratch using current jhalfs SVN
> trunk code.

I do it
I start LFS process

I stop process.......reboot

then I run:

mkdir /mnt/build_dir
mount /dev/hdxx /mnt/build_dir
export SRC_ARCHIVE=/mnt/build_dir/......
export LFS=/mnt/build_dir
cd /mnt/build_dir/jhalfs
ln -s /mnt/build_dir/tools /tools
make restart

and .....

it continue LFS building....

OK good

it finish


where can I found documentation to build BLSF in automated way ?

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