BLFS experimental code

David Mascall lfs at
Sun Jun 18 06:02:31 PDT 2006


Starting playing with the blfs code in experimental

It ran ok and created a packages file, but when I then run it errors, complaining that it cant find the external entity

        Using gnome-core as the target package.

        No dependencies level has been defined.
        Assuming level 2 (Required plus Recommended).

        Generating gnome-core dependencies tree ...warning: failed to 
load external entity 
unable to parse ..//home/david/lfs/svn/BLFSSVN/BOOK/gnome/core/config.xml

even though the file exists at /home/david/lfs......

Why is the absolute location from the packages file being prefixed with 
../ ?

Does the script need to be run from a certain location relative to my 
copy of the svn for the BLFS book ?

Or am I missing something obvious :-)



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