jhalfs - add ability to copy additional files ?

David Mascall lfs at mascall.net
Mon Jun 19 04:34:04 PDT 2006


Would it be possible to add the facility to add further files to be 
copied to the target system, in the same manner as fstab. If they are 
specified in the config then the file is copied, if not the "default" 
from the book is created.

Things like


For me these are files which are usually constant for each system I 
build and it would save having to go round and edit them every time I 
build from jhalfs.

I note the "FILES=" option in the config file, but I am assuming that 
this just copies the files to $JHALFSDIR, but does not do anything 
further with them ?

Alternatively could the values that go into these files be specified in 
the config files, and each file built with the appropriate values rather 
than the book defaults ?



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