My concept of LFS installer

Filip Bartmann filbar at
Sat Jun 24 08:01:55 PDT 2006

On these hollidays I'll try to write LFS installer. My vision of this
installer is:
1)Installer will be written in C or C++
2)Installer will parse xml sources of book's. First will be implemented
LFS and BLFS. Later can be added CLFS and HLFS. This parsed text will be
saved in /var/something as plain text-user can edit this text. In this
text will be informations of sites, from which can be sources
downloaded. When this fails, then sources of program will be downloaded
from LFS sites. Next this text will include dependncies of packages and
instructions for package compiling. The dependencies can be saved in
Berkeley DB too.
3)Every package will have single file in /var/something/package.
Packages will be logged too for possibility of uninstallation as in
4)From packages can be maked precompiled archives package.tbz for
possibility of installation on another PC. With this archives will be
included firsboot program for configuring another PC.
5)Installer will use text mode with ncurses and graphical mode with gtk+
or qt-what is better qt or gtk+?
6)Remote installation will be done with VNC for graphical version and
ssh for text version.
7)In installer can user set which prefix he want for some programs as
Qt,KDE,GNOME,,GCC and optimalization.
8)Installer can have option to copy LiveCD to 500MB HDD partion and when
will be liveCD copied to disk, then can user use Suspend to disk option,
because compilation LFS and BLFS is quite long. With suspeding user
don't must configure liveCD systém again and again, when he stopped work
with LFS. Only resume liveCD systém from disk will suffice.
9)In installer will be included editor of instructions for installing
10)In future can be added option's for updating LFS systém and
installing packages which is not included in BLFS, because of clear text
version of package instructions. Or installer can logg process of
instalation and can generate installation instructions automaticaly?
This instruction of packages that are not in LFS can be in new project
Extras(The BLFS book don't need to have still new and new packages).

How far I'm from your idea of LFS installer? Can be my installer
included as part of ALFS, what's your opinion? I'll try to start with
programming during July.

Filip Bartmann

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