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El Domingo, 25 de Junio de 2006 06:05, JoeTakagi escribió:

> Therefore I am wondering whether the xsl script that extracts the
> command is written to take into account this nodump value or if jhalfs
> is otherwise coded to install all the locales in preference to the
> minimum locales. Not being familiar with xsl, I am unclear which of
> these is correct.

We choose to install all locales by default to let the users to can use any 
locale they what, included that defined in the LANG setting.

Another option could be to install the minimum set and ask the user to edit 
the script to add additional locales creation. Maybe we will add an option to 
can do that automatically, but not for the 1.0 release.

> In any event, what exactly is the purpose of nodump in the book xml?
> Was it designed to aid in the extraction of commands for automated
> installs? 

Yes, the "nodump" attributes are used for jhalfs purposes only. It's intended 
to skip that commands that aren't required to build the system. 

>  Take
> for example the 'expect -c "spawn ls"' command in chapter 6 binutils.
> This doesn't have a nodump value and is therefore extracted by jhalfs.
> Obviously, running this particular command doesn't cause any problems
> but neither does it help during an automated install.

Actually, 'expect -c "spawn ls"' is skipped if you set "-T 0" ;-)

The output of that command can help if the testsuite run fails.

> 2) There is no option to register on the ALFS Trac site. The URL
> /alfs/register gives an error.

Right, the "register" link is missing for ALFS, HLFS, Hints, and Patches 
projects :-?

> 3) The long option --run-make does not work as the help output says it
> should. I looked in master.sh at it looks for --make (SVN trunk
> version).

Fixed, thanks.

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