My concept of LFS installer

Carlos Eduardo de Brito Novaes carlosnov at
Sun Jun 25 06:06:09 PDT 2006

	I have an plan to an sort of alfs tool too.
	My goal is to write a plugin enabled system in c++ that will build the 
packages according to user needs. So..
A plugin for parse a build file like a .spec or ebuild maybe in xml extracted 
from the book,  another plugin to download sources and patches, another to 
solve dependencies and propose changes to fit user needs,  another for 
packaging... and so on. Maybe one to configure installed software (this one 
would be great)
	This way, i need to define a common interface for each task, but the 
internals can be changed inside the plugins.

	By now, I am working on a xml enabled layer to read and save data. A sort of 
object2xml model. I already tried to reinvent the weel and write a simple xml 
parser, but by now I think that using libxml or libxml2 can be better.

	This kind of work is a grreat challange, so I wish you good luck. If you came 
out with some good working code, people will be like to join and help you I 

Carlos Eduardo
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