parser update...

George Makrydakis gmakmail at
Tue Mar 7 01:44:30 PST 2006

 From Manuel:
> IMHO, having the jhalfs sources modularized we could to changein the future  
> the parser functions files to use that new C++-based parser (or the 
> bash-based one, if George M. is working yet on it) instead of current 
> xsltproc+XSL, if the generated output is suitable for jhalfs.

I am working on both versions of the "parsing" modules. At some point it may be necessary to have this script - wise too rather than in binary only, so that we 
have more flexibility in both levels. Work in the C++ version is looking good, class  - like "package" management is what I have in mind; the format of the book 
  is oriented by itself on such a path. The work will eventually surface, but this time I want as much as features to be complete as possible before posting, no 
need to rush.

BTW Gerard was thinking of restructuring the book to LaTEX format... The parsing module could be shifted towards that direction, but since you know more than 
me, only tell me that I am not building yet another XML parser for nothing :). The class - like "package" management is sure a nice idea though.

Hopefully I will start soon providing some header files for you to try the parser out (C++), and of the x2sh version of course (mental bashing...)

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