Profile generation (XML DocBook => ???)

Kendrick alfs at
Wed Mar 8 09:15:23 PST 2006

My thinking was for more readly allowing the  mysql+ldap+krb 
combination.  I was thinking of having the blfs profile auto generated
from the book,   then the intresting commands from ./configure --help
could be added by hand.  This would allow check boxes for --with-krb5=
--with-ldap=   and if nessasary due to how lfs is arranged text boxes to
input path.  (maybe auto generated when ldap and krb are built?)
I didn't think there would be much maintance needed for allowing the
--with statements.  they would just be optional to enable.  "

BLFS profiles which take into account all possible installation alternatives"  How would you suggest dealing with  the pax and all the cflag modifications for clfs?  I was also thinking modular for the blfs section.  insted of one big profile hunk for blfs each package have its own mini profile kinda like how a spec file for rpm's if I understand spec files right.  there would be a file that would tell the parser this is "mysql 5.1 profile piece" then all the commands and options involved in installing mysql 5.1 in that file.  another thing is with the several known bundles do you realy want another piece for blfs just to get them setup together? LAMP would be a good example.  or a seperate blfs profile made by some one just for that purpose? 

Would it be better to have several large specific generated profiles or many indevigual and flexible parts?

I also agree on making profiles simple to understand.  I atempted to create the hlfs profile and had a fiew obsticles that I still havent figured out.  

Tapio Kelloniemi wrote:

> This is not convenient when building systems for about 100 servers,
> unless
>they are completely identical. However, this does not mean that UI should not 
>be utilised to make building LFS/BLFS easier, but this should be done within 
>certain limits. We should not have BLFS profiles which take into account all 
>possible installation alternatives, since I still feel that BLFS profiles 
>should be generated from the book, otherwise they require separate 
>maintainance, which is at present killing nALFS.

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