Profile generation (XML DocBook => ???)

Tapio Kelloniemi persistent.spam at
Wed Mar 8 13:24:20 PST 2006

On Wed, Mar 08, 2006 at 12:15:23PM -0500, Kendrick wrote:
> My thinking was for more readly allowing the  mysql+ldap+krb 
> combination.  I was thinking of having the blfs profile auto generated
> from the book,   then the intresting commands from ./configure --help
> could be added by hand.  This would allow check boxes for --with-krb5=
> --with-ldap=   and if nessasary due to how lfs is arranged text boxes to
> input path.  (maybe auto generated when ldap and krb are built?)

I would suggest that the autogenerated profile would look like this:

if [ "$HAVE_LDAP" = "y" ]; then
if [ "$HAVE_KRB5" = "y" ]; then ...; fi
./configure --prefix=$PREFIX $CONFIGURE_OPTIONS

Well, this asumes that hte profile is pure shell script which may not be a good idea or even possible. The logic for determining the value of HAVE_LDAP could be something like (this code would perhaps be inside the alfs tool):

    flags.with_ldap = is_installed ("ldap") && flags.want_ldap_support;
    /* This was an example, in reality alfs knows nothing about ldap or krb5,
     * but knows about boolean flags that may be set by the user in the
     * profiles or from the UI.

> I didn't think there would be much maintance needed for allowing the
> --with statements.  they would just be optional to enable.  "

But if we were to implement alfs according to my ideas, now we would need some
code in the BLFS book that would tell the parser that --with-ldap option
may be passed to configure under certain circumstances.

I agree that simple things (like this) should be in the BLFS book sources. But 
the question, how to do that, remains.

> BLFS profiles which take into account all possible installation alternatives"
> How would you suggest dealing with  the pax and all the cflag modifications
> for clfs?  I was also thinking modular for the blfs section.  insted of one
> big profile hunk for blfs each package have its own mini profile kinda like 
> how a spec file for rpm's if I understand spec files right.

LFS/CLFS/HLFS profiles should also consist of many miniprofiles, 
technically they should not be in any way different from BLFS profiles. For 
example I never install vim, even if all other LFSers do and I refuse to use
an alfs implementation which does not allow me to replace vim with nano with 
few commands.


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