jhalfs wishlist and questions

Tor Olav Stava t-ol-sta at online.no
Tue Mar 14 05:55:17 PST 2006

M.Canales.es wrote:

>El Lunes, 13 de Marzo de 2006 11:44, Tor Olav Stava escribió:
>>Basically what I wish, is to set a SOURCE dir in the .conf file, have
>>jhalfs copy packages from there, and only download is the package don't
>We will see what could be done.
Since I'm on a roll here, it would also be very nice to be able to set 
the build dir in the config file. I see it's set to ~/sources in the 
dump_*.xsl file, so I changed it to /usr/src/build which I prefer. And 
also download and unpacking the source packages in separate dirs is not 
my preferred method, so I changed that one also to download everything 
to /usr/src/build/ and unpack in /usr/src/build/package.x.y.z

This is mostly meant for your information, and an idea how to make 
things more configurable without having to edit the dump_*.xsl file.

If you (the developers) think I'm getting too demanding, just feel free 
to ignore me ;)
(But it would be nice if you told me that you're ignoring me, hehe :) )

>In jhablfs the download code is generated by dump-blfs-scripts.xsl.
>As a quick fix, change this code in dump-blfs-scripts.xsl

>or (if all packages are found in the root dir)
..as it is in my case..

>      <xsl:when test="contains(string(),'HTTP')"/>
>      <xsl:when test="contains(string(),'FTP')"/>
>      <xsl:when test="contains(string(),'MD5')">
>        <xsl:text>cp </xsl:text>
>        <xsl:value-of select="$server"/>
>        <xsl:text>/</xsl:text>
>        <xsl:value-of select="$package"/>
>        <xsl:text>.bz2&#xA;</xsl:text>
I guess the last line should have been:

        <xsl:text>.bz2& .#xA;</xsl:text>

as 'cp' prefer having a destination.
Then, that one's sorted, but I've stumbled upon more on my journey:

I see that the patches still wants to download using wget. Would it be 
possible also using 'cp' for that part? I'm quite sure it's possible, 
but I'm not able to get it to work as I have to extract the patch name 
from the complete url path, and I don't know how to do it. (I'm very 
green when it comes to sed commands, which I think might be used.)

And more about patches:
Some of them are not parsed into the makefiles. For example tcp_wrappers 
and portmap patches don't get parsed, while Glib-1.2.10 is ok.. Is this 
a known issue, or could it be something wrong at my side?

And lastly: blfs-bootscripts
Are there any solution to installing the bootscripts for the packages 
that needs them? I've just installed portmap and nfs-utils, which both 
bailed out with an error when trying to 'make install-$bootscript' from 
the source dir. I just deleted the line and installed the bootscripts 
manually for now...

And finally something (hopefully) positive:
I'm trying to incorporate Paco package manager into the dump_*.xsl 
scripts. Seems like it's gonna be quite easy to pull that one off, so if 
anyone's interested just say so, and I'll put the patch on the list as 
soon as I'm ready. Btw: is this already done by someone else? :)

Tor Olav

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