RFC[01] - nZyme C++ code segment

George Makrydakis gmakmail at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 08:08:29 PST 2006

George Boudreau wrote:

> I know this question may be unanswerable this early in the development 
> cycle but, will it be possible to integrate an output module for a 
> package manager(s)? PM's would be a useful tool for BLFS, where packages 
> seem to evolve at a faster rate than base system apps (my opinion only)

The purpose of nZyme is to include natively some sort of package management, since it would mean high redistributability of the precompiled parts. This is 
especially important in a server setting, where LFS is (IMHO) unbeatable. Before offering a version that dumps the output of the book to fully working bash 
stand alone scripts I am trying to wrap the whole thing around the data manipulation performed on the XML sources of the book(s). Once you have this small core 
ready, having a deb, rpm or tgz based package management solution should be of no trouble (practically a filter through which the parts extracted from the book 
become "packages"). For a phase (1) product, nZyme should offer the default way of building LFS automatically, ie using bash scripts. Phase (2) is to be a 
milestone for the project, since it should be laid out in such a way that anybody writing a "filter" or plug in to it, could end up having package management 
build scripts / structures for the package management system of preference. Phase (2) will definitely include RPM as a demonstration plug - in structure.

Think of nZyme as a data provider, it practically serves the necessary instructions to _any_ output module.

Thank you for your comments and support.

George Makrydakis


PS1: BLFS is written in XML sources; It seems like nZyme could find its way there natively provided it gets permission from the BLFS group.

PS2: I have my own concept of package management, but would prefer to not work on it in favor of completing this portion of the project first.
PS3: I would appreciate all comments / ideas / wishlists.


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