jhalfs HLFS Paco patch

Tor Olav Stava t-ol-sta at online.no
Thu Mar 16 06:33:00 PST 2006

The preliminary version of my Paco patch for jhahlfs seems to be ready. 
IMHO it's a mess, but it works.
Any improvements will be appreciated.

I've run it once with HLFS-Glibc, and it looks to be ok.
It's based on jhalfs-svn (2344)

- It's for HLFS part og jhalfs only.
- Should probably start with a clean svn download, and apply the patch.
- The patch will modify (in the HLFS subdir) jhahlfs, jhahlfs.conf, and 
create paco-build.sh script.
- Paco will install with /usr prefix, and sysconfdir /etc. If prefix is 
changed, it will have to be changed in both paco-build.sh and jhahlfs.conf.
- Paco-1.10.3 should not be used. (There's a bug in the preloader 
library). Either use 1.10.2 or latest development version, and change 
the filename in jhahlfs.conf accordingly.
- The paco source archive have to be manually put into the sources dir.

Enjoy :)

Btw: I'm running a full compile of the LFS part right now, and will post 
another patch later or tomorrow if it's working.

Tor Olav
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