jhalfs HLFS Paco patch

George Boudreau georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Mar 16 07:10:40 PST 2006

Tor Olav Stava wrote:
> The preliminary version of my Paco patch for jhahlfs seems to be ready. 
> IMHO it's a mess, but it works.
> Any improvements will be appreciated.
> I've run it once with HLFS-Glibc, and it looks to be ok.
> It's based on jhalfs-svn (2344)
   humm.. it seems you have done your work against the trunk and not the 
experimental branch. There is a world of change in the experimental 
branch.. have a look. The experimental branch tries to be modular.
   I will see how it looks like in the trunk ..

  > Tor Olav

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