jhalfs-X HLFS patches missing

Tor Olav Stava t-ol-sta at online.no
Fri Mar 17 12:56:45 PST 2006

George Boudreau wrote:

> Tor Olav Stava wrote:
>> I'll keep on working with the Paco patch then. I'm aware things will 
>> change alot, and the patch will probably be outdated in a few days, 
>> but I think I'll manage to keep up.
>   You will loose all your hair trying to keep up with with this branch 
> :-)  I have not had the time to wander through the PACO code but I was 
> wondering it your code could be applied after the bash scripts were 
> created? This would keep you from chasing our revisions. (2 more 
> cosmetic ones since my last post)
>   Just a thought..
>   grb

That's ok, I've already lost most of my hair :)
I'm sure it could be done using a 'sed' approach against the finished 
bash scripts, but then you can probably rule me out :(

I really want this to work, if nothing else at least for my own use 
right now.
And of course, if something breaks, then it needs to be fixed ;)

Tor Olav

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