jhalfs-X powerpc64

George Boudreau georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Mar 24 18:40:13 PST 2006


   I added your powerpc64 multilib to the list of valid builds in the 
CLFS config file. I know you state in the book that the build is totally 
borked but could you have a look-see at the output of the bash script.

   A theory question:: a i486 'could' build a boot partition for your 
powerpc. I am looking to create a matrix of build combinations 
chroot/boot. MachineX can build all boot but only these full chroot. You 
ask the question "why trap this".. because I selected an mips arch and 
not an X86 arch and wasted a few hours and I hate kicking myself in the 
butt. I know the obvious x86 arch's but have no idea about 
sparc/mips/ppc combo's   (The alpha is a no brainer)


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