nALFS ownership fails

Lars Nielsen lars at
Sun Mar 26 09:10:40 PST 2006


I am making a nALFS based linux of my own. I have setup the stage of 
chapter 5 according to the LFS book, and this is working fine.
Now i enter chapter 6 and the mounting of file systems are fine. But 
when i try to change ownership of the /tools directory nALFS fails with :

I: Changing user ownership to 0 (recursive) in /: /tools
E: Executing command using "sh" failed : No such file or directory
E: Changing ownership failed.

I have tried to skip this step but the following "Create Directories" 
and "Essensial Symlinks" fails with a similar errormessage.

info: I use nALFS 1.2.6 and the sources from Live-CD 6.1.1

Can anyone show me how i can find the source/reason to this error?

Lars Nielsen

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